Tensioned Access Platforms Ltd

‘A cost effective alternative to Birdcage Scaffolding’

Tensioned Access Platforms Ltd is specialist in providing ‘walk on’ access platforms offering a safe, flexible and cost effective alternative to traditional methods such as Birdcage Scaffolding.

Each project is unique and TAP Ltd works in partnership with the customer to ensure that all aspects of the contract is completed with professionalism and precision.

TAP Ltd can offer a bespoke and comprehensive service from design and installation, inspection and maintenance, through to dismantle and completion.

Offering both national and international coverage with the ability to undertake challenging contracts at both varying heights and sizes.

Tensioned Access Platforms have commonly been used as a workable platform solution for stadiums, factories, steel frame buildings, swimming pools, warehouses, churches, oil rigs, shopping centres, wharfs, bridges and atriums, enabling access to carry out a number of the following light duties:

  • Roof installation and repairs
  • Structural modifications
  • Fire repellent painting
  • Glazing
  • Insulation
  • Electric cable installation
  • Grit blasting
  • Asbestos removal
  • Pest control
  • Steel adjustments
  • Restoration
  • Lighting
  • Sound installation
  • Painting and decoration


Steel Framed

Shopping Centres


Oil Rigs

Swimming Pools

Key benefits of using a Tension Access Platform

  • Significantly cost effective compared to scaffolding/traditional methods

  • Gives the ability to continue to operate/trade underneath reducing ‘downtime’

  • Lightweight and easy to install

  • Less intrusive than alternative methods

  • Safe (recognised by HSE as an acceptable solution for working at height)

  • Offers flexibility in installation

  • Reduces time working at height